Hello you! My name is JayJay, and I am West to Central Africa’s leading Outdoor Learning and Adventure Sports operative. I am happy to welcome you to my world… a place where breakfast is served hot and fresh on broad leaves sterilized by the morning dew of the deepest recesses of the Ghanaian jungle; a place where sleep is induced in canvas tents by lullabies from a choral group of bullfrogs as big as dinner plates in a nearby pond; a place where the boundary between what’s possible and what’s not disappears; a place of the most unapologetic greatness you can ever imagine. My world also takes a swipe at corruption, mediocrity and madness in high places with a sting more biting than an African honey bee’s. The African jungle offers a refreshing perspective on life that is guaranteed to be different from the backside-kissing, government-courting, soli-chasing attempts at journalism in Ghana, and that is the perspective I will be offering – I and my team of like-minded young men and women who will sooner eat our heads than not speak truth to those in power. The journey will be exciting. We will hack our way through jungle thickets, wade through knee-high rivers, abseil off death-defying cliffs, and pit our mental strengths against the eternal mountains together. Whatever happens, I promise to make no apologies whatsoever Greatness!

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