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Elegy to the Ta’adi Girls

You had no mobile phones; were in no Uber; could not leave a technological trail for the dumbest CID investigator to follow and rescue you under 72 hours; You walked […]

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Why Can’t National Security Pick On Someone Their Own Size?

The past three years haven’t been a good time to be a journalist in Ghana. It seems every journalist walking around has a sign on their forehead that reads, “BEAT […]

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A Night with the Moon and Stars.

I thought of doing something different last Sabbath (Friday evening). Something unusual. So, I went to the Ghana Planetarium for their Telescope Viewing event. For the first part of this […]

HolyBlog 23

The Sons of Eli and Otabil the Chief Priest

I am respectfully privileged to extend my greetings as a Christian jungle boy to Pastor Mensa Otabil. I have never met him and I probably never will. Not to worry, […]

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Summiting Kilimanjaro with Malaria

The six-day assault of Kilimanjaro via the Macheme route was a walk in the park for me. This was my 16th assault of Africa’s highest mountain, and I had, between […]

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The Pain Men Experience that beats Menstrual Cramps

Author: JayJay D. Segbefia Accra, Ghana 3 decades and counting… and I still hadn’t figured out how exactly menstrual pain felt. Which isn’t surprising. I am a man, after all. […]

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What if there indeed were No God?

You’re right. I am definitely a what-iffer. Life would be intrinsically more boring for me if I wasn’t. Being a what-iffer doesn’t mean that I am exactly insane but, all […]