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TattleBlog 3

The Pain Men Experience that beats Menstrual Cramps

Author: JayJay D. Segbefia Accra, Ghana 3 decades and counting… and I still hadn’t figured out how exactly menstrual pain felt. Which isn’t surprising. I am a man, after all. […]

HolyBlog 2

What if there indeed were No God?

You’re right. I am definitely a what-iffer. Life would be intrinsically more boring for me if I wasn’t. Being a what-iffer doesn’t mean that I am exactly insane but, all […]

KalashniBlog 1

It’s Her Fault She got Raped?

The first time I ever shook hands with a girl who wore longclaws – you know, those dastardly long nails, hard as bone, and capable of taking you into the […]

KalashniBlog 4

Afia Shwar and Abena Korkor: Breeds of a Sexually Perverse Society

Author: JayJay D. Segbefia, NAV Accra, Ghana. Story photo from here. Sometimes I feel I am a total stranger in “this our country Ghana”. I spend three weeks of each […]

HolyBlog 6

Filling GW17’s Treasury: An Unchristian & Unhallowed Method of Church Giving

It has been an interesting week on social media in the wake of the discovery of what is purported to be the Special Offering memorandum of the International Central Gospel […]

KalashniBlog 2

10-Day Online Passport Application: Hannah Tetteh’s Big Joke on Ghanaians

I just got hit with the news that the outgoing Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Hanna Tetteh, who also got thoroughly walloped at the December 7 polls by […]