The first time I ever shook hands with a girl who wore longclaws – you know, those dastardly long nails, hard as bone, and capable of taking you into the clinic for tetanus shots if you snapped their fingers the Ghanaian way of greeting – I believed with all my heart those nails were designed to pluck out rapists’ eyes. I also believed a girl could, during a moment of attempted rape, reach out a hand, grab the rapist’s scrotum and rip out the darn balls, along with the dingdong, in one clawed swipe. This is what girls should do to raping scum. (That’s what I would do. With homosexuality on the rise, even boys might need longclaws at some point wae. You dey there and don’t get into the nail salon soon).

This week’s stories of gang rape, and the escort exploitation of Miss Ghana pageant contestants seems about to bring to head a very long drawn-out feminism battle, but, as the world knows, that is not a fight I am prepared to participate in.

No sir!

I have a very different dog in this fight. I don’t much care for rapists. If a loved one got raped, I’d just shoot the perpetrating sonofabitch. Right in the gonads.

Us jungle people don’t play. No long discussions biaaa. Consequently, I don’t have much of a beef with rapist scum. Just like Saudia Arabia. Its sharia law for me when it comes to rape. Those I can’t stand are the buffoons, the pillocks, the idiots and the misfits who find it in their voice and tongue to immediately rise to the defense of rapists when an incident gets reported. Someway, somehow, these fools always make it the victim’s fault.

“What was she doing in their room in the first place?”

“Why didn’t she scream?”

“Why didn’t she fight them hard enough?”

“If she didn’t want it, why did she invite him into her home?”

These are the answers we demand of rape and sexual assault victims in the Republic called Ghana, and it might surprise you to know that close to 40-percent of commentators on these issues support the perpetrators. Here, we have a video of five or so males sexually assaulting a girl who puts up a spirited fight worthy of the fame of Yaa Asantewaa of Ejisu. Outnumbered, overpowered and restrained, she put up a hell of a fight. The bastards filmed and shared the whole darn incident, unaware, thanks to their clearly illiterate orientation and lack of knowledge, that law enforcement could hunt them down. As we speak, three of them have been arrested, yet social media is awash with folks who have chosen to defend the perpetrators by attacking the victim. This culture must stop immediately.

Someone suggested somewhere on Facebook that the victim could have fought a lot more by screaming. It it this kind of thinking that clearly marks people as animals belonging to an animalsylum. How exactly would screaming help the lot of a young woman held down by thugs who are hell bent on rape? This sickeningĀ attitude that puts the onus on the victims of rape to extricate themselves from their helpless situations with screaming need to stop. We think thoughts of the production of a scream is the first thing that comes to a person’s mind when s/he is being sexually assaulted? About 9 percent of all rape victims are males. Why doesn’t anyone ask them why they don’t scream? What kind of backward thinking is that? But that is sadly becoming more and more the sentiments of people who choose to support rapists and sexual assault scum. Even more ludicrous is the suggestion that a girl should never be alone in a room with a boy or a group of boys. Even making that assertion alone provides an excuse for rape, and how stupid is that thinking!

The only way to justify that sentiment is to assume that boys are raised in Ghanaian culture to the level, and the level only, of rabid, raping dogs. If that were true, what a sick culture the Ghanaian one would be: a bunch of savages without the teaspoon of civility required to understand that there never is, and never will be, a justification for rape and sexual violence. It increasingly seems to suggest that Ghanaian culture supports rape. Chiefs and leaders go to great lengths to protect perpetrators by withdrawing cases from the Police and settling it “amicably” at home and in the community. Uncles are protected when they rape nieces (never mind that the same courtesy – if we can call it that – would never have been extended to the house-help or watchman who rapes the same niece), and powerful men get away with doing same with those they have economic, social and political powers over.

This image of our country needs to be erased forthwith, and the best way to do so is to call out all buffoons who share sentiments that support rape and sexual assault. I must commend the CID of the Ghana Police Service for issuing warnings against sharing these vile assault videos. For once, our Cops were proactive on a matter of this nature. That is one of the ways to stop the madness. By having no part in disseminating these loathsome acts other than surrendering it when received to the Police, we could well help to bring raping scum and their supporters to justice.

As to the exploitation of women in the Miss Ghana beauty pageant, my long-held opinion remains to ban the darn shows. What, exactly, does the Miss Never-Mind-What pageants add? Their entertainment value? How exactly is that of value when it comes at the cost of turning the presumably prettiest of our young ladies into escorts and sex playthings of the CEOs and Directors of the companies who fund such entertainment falsely so-called? It’s exploitation. Simple, really. The KKD saga and similar incidences are the evidences we need that some beauty pageants only go to serve the libidos of the wealthy and the seemingly powerful. All beauty pageants do is to expose the sexual appeal of young girls to slavering men with potbellies as huge as twin-pregnancies and peckers as lustful as dogs’. Who remembers how contestants answered questions when well-oiled cleavages are in plain view on TV? I refuse to consider myself a part of a society that exploits women, forcibly and implicitly, and the idea that a victim is considered to be at fault for getting raped is one that so sickens me I really want to shoot someone.


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  1. Hmmmm…. Don’t forget that even the animals are not spared. Incidence of men sexually abusing goats and sheeps etc.have been reported in recent past. What more can we expect of a generation that is so pervert. Well, the least said the better.

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