I thought of doing something different last Sabbath (Friday evening). Something unusual. So, I went to the Ghana Planetarium for their Telescope Viewing event.

For the first part of this event, all attendants got to see the planet Saturn and its rings, Jupiter, Mars and Venus through a large telescope. We even got to see the International Space station (ISS) on the move! It was awesome. You should have been there to see a 60-year-old man, jumping up and down, pointing to the sky with excitement and shouting “Look at the ISS, Look at ISS!!”

I laughed saa.

After this, we moved into the dome (an enclosed dome-shaped space) where we watched a documentary on how astronomy came about and how the universe is evolving and expanding. I was totally into the video until the part where it attributed the existence of the celestial bodies and everything else in space to the big bang. I almost zoned out at that point, but I managed to stay focused till the end, because it was interesting, regardless.

Now, days after this event, I still can’t get the thought out of my head. The thought that some people believe and accept that this universe was brought about as a result of a big bang, or a collision of some particles or whatever. I disagree with it. I don’t believe in that or any other scientific theory of creation. I believe that God created the world, He called it into being and it came to be. He created the lesser light to rule by night and the greater light to rule by day. Yeah, yeah this is where I get all biblical on you. But see, the feeling I get when I see the stars and other celestial bodies tells me there’s a greater power behind it. It couldn’t have just appeared out of nothing. Well it was called out of nothing if you think about it, but a mighty power caused it to appear. A mighty power packaged in simple words -“Let there be light”.

All these scientific theories just play down God’s might. But I choose to attribute the presence of these amazing creations to the almighty God. The almighty God who also created the forces (gravitational, centrifugal, centripetal, etc.) to hold these celestial bodies in place. Wonder why the sun or moon never falls down on you? Wonder why the earth stays in orbit and never collides with other planets? It’s God. He made it so.

It was fun to be in the company of other people that share an affinity for celestial things. I was spying with one eye this couple who were holding each other and slowly rocking from side to side to the reggae music playing in the background. It made me miss a certain someone lol. I digress.

My point is, I believe in a God who created the Universe and everything within it. I believe in a God who counts the number of the stars (and there are billions of them); and gives names to all of them (Psalm 147:4-5). This God says I am the apple of His eye and His plans for me are that of good and not of evil (Jeremiah 29:11).

Davido says he gave Chioma assurance because he gave her a Porsche eh? Well, this is all the assurance I need. If I am loved and cherished by this God then what is there to be afraid of? My future? My past? My present? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don’t even have to know where I’m going, all I have to do is pray, believe and let God lead. Till date, he hasn’t failed me.

Sekof this belief, me den depression and anxiety no sheda dey so. I no know am sef. So the next time you see the sun or you step out at night and see some stars, believe that if God knows the number of all these bazillion stars and calls each one of them by name; He will never forget you!

My name is Mbama and I’m never anxious for anything, because I know whom I’ve believed and I’m persuaded that if He knows the names of every single star, he knows me too!

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